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Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This sweet and savoury combination is delicious when aiming to keep a healthier diet but you’re trying to curb the sugar cravings!

Our Cashew chicken lettuce wraps keep carbs and fats low and protein high – making them an ideal afternoon snack to keep hunger at bay.

– 1 Tsp Coconpure Oil
– 1 Tbsp Myprotein Cashew Butter
– Halved Walnuts
– 150g Cooked Chicken Breast
– 50g Mixed Grapes
– 3 Lettuce leaves

1. Heat some oil
2. Cook your chicken
3. Turn halfway through
4. Half approx 5 grapes
5. Break your walnuts
6. Dice your chicken
7. Mix 1 tbsp cashew butter
8. With 3 tbsp water
9. Add chicken and mix
10. Add walnuts & grapes
11. Mix with more water
12. Fill lettuce leaves
13. Enjoy!

Macros (Per serving: serves 3):
Calories – 127
Carbs – 5g
Fat – 4g
Protein – 17g
Sugar – 4g


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