How to: Prevent Your Oils, Nuts and Flours turning rancid / going bad + GIVEAWAY!!

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I’m excited to share a new way I learnt how to prevent your oils, nuts and flours turning rancid / going bad. Oils can easily end up going off, turning rancid if exposed to too much air or too much light. All of your expensive flours, such as almond flour, nut flour can also go bad, go off or turn rancid with too much air exposure. Have you ever tried to make your own almond meal or almond flour (I do it all the time) and then find that flour tasting strange after a short while? Yes, that is the omega 3s and omega 6s in the almonds turning rancid! Yep, not good for you (you could get sick) and it doesn’t taste good at all. Not to mention wasting all your hard earned money on those expensive keto ingredients or low car ingredients.

So I found a way to prevent your oil turning rancid, your flour going bad. It is using ultraviolet filtering technology. This technology filters out the harmful rays which degrade your oil and flour while still permitting two beneficial spectrums of light that are laboratory proven to help preserve the shelf life of your keto products and low carb products. How exactly do we do this? Well I was sent some products from infinity jars.

Infinity jars features deep violet coloured glasses which filter out the light which degrades your oil (such as olive oil or any nut oil which you have) and all your flours (such as almond flour, nut flour, or any flour you make or have). You can also use the containers to store whole nuts, such as almond nuts. They keep the nuts so fresh and crunchy. It also has air tight seals which we all know is key to preventing anything from going bad or going off. These infinity jar containers are also scent proof so anything you put in them, won’t stick out your cupboard, fridge or house. They are also amazing at keeping your herbs and spices fresh for a long time. The scent proof jars also help for storing those potent spices, such as garlic powder! No more garlic smelling cupboard.

So there is no pressure here at all guys. I’ve seen good results using infinity jars, I think the products look modern and funky and would be a great addition to any household. If you’re interested in any of the infinity jar products, then you can take a look at their website here: (use this link – it tells them I sent you their website). They have also kindly offerd a 20% discount off any order you make on their website if you use my link and then use the discount code: KING20. Yes, 20% off all the inifinty jar products!

And don’t forget about the giveaway for the infinity jar products too! All you need to do to be entered into this competition / giveaway is to comment in the video below with the name of the company whose product is being given away and then the product you would like to receive (all products except their Apothecary line and Dish product). Yes, go browse their website and tell me what you would like to win if chosen for this giveaway / competition. It doesn’t cost you anything to enter this competition / giveaway, other than typing few words in the comments section of my video.

So I really hope you guys enjoyed this video giving you some tips on how to stop your oil from going bad or stop your oil from turning rancid. These tips work for how to stop your almond flour turning bad or turning rancid and for keeping your wonderful herbs and spices fresh too!

Let me know in the comments how you enjoyed this video on preventing your oils and flours from turning rancid or going bad. And if you enjoyed seeing the products from Infinity Jars. If you have any questions about storing your oils or how to store your oil or how to store your almond flour or any nut flour, then please let me know in the comments section below. Also feel free to take a look at any of my other low carb recipes / keto recipe / lchf recipe / banting recipe, there are a lot a great low carb recipes I have on my channel.

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Use this link for Infinity Jars:
Use this code (with above link) for 20% off!!: KING20