Keto Krate Unboxing August 2017 – keto snacks and low carb foods UK review

Keto Krate was so nice to send me one of their subscription box for August 2017 filled with keto and low carb foods and snacks, here’ I am unboxing it and taste test the contents including Pork Clouds, Choconite, Keto Carne and Rawxies. Shall we start a keto Subscription Box for the UK as well? Come Join me on Patreon for exclusive Goodies

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You lucky US Ginger ketoers you, here’s some discounts you can use Keto Krate Discounts codes (Valid until 7th Otober 2017) 10%OFF KetoKrateAugust 25%OFF KetoKrate25 10%OFF KKrate10 10%OFF locakrate 10%OFF MYKETOCLOUDS 15%OFF KETOKRATE15 10%OFF KETOKOSHER

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