Low-Carb, Melted Cheese Crackers : Low-Cal & Low-Carb Recipes

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A great way to impress a crowd is to cook up some low-carb, melted cheese crackers. It’s important to mix all the ingredients together well and coat the pan so the cheese doesn’t stick. Make sure to watch them in the oven as the cheese melts to avoid burning. Enjoy this delicious low-carb, melted cheese cracker recipe with tips from a professional chef in this free video.

Expert: Laura Hahn
Contact: www.guiltfreefoodiecutie.com
Bio: Laura Hahn was recently a winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef.
Filmmaker: Ed Candelora

Series Description: Enjoying a delicious meal is one thing, but when it’s also healthy and low in carbs and calories, it’s a pure win-win situation. Chef Laura Hahn teaches how to cook a variety of meals that will taste just as good but without all the guilt. From low-carb tortilla chips to pumpkin applesauce desserts, these are some great recipes. Learn how to eat healthier while still being just as happy with help from a chef in this free video series on healthy eating recipes.