Paleo Snickers Bars | Paleo Recipe

Craving something sweet? You’ll love this simple Paleo Snickers Bar, made with coconut butter, date caramel, crunchy chopped nuts, and delicious dark chocolate.

Sometimes, you just want a piece of candy. But traditional confections are full of refined sugars and grains. By making easy ingredient swaps and using nutrient-dense foods like coconut butter and dates, you can make your own Paleo-friendly candy!

I know you’re probably thinking that making candy sounds like a ton of work. Good news: When you get rid of refined sugars, you also get rid of the need for crazy food colorings and weird flavorings you can’t buy anywhere. And you don’t have to boil white sugar on your stove for what seems like an eternity. Making homemade candy just got a lot easier.

This simple recipe requires just seven ingredients, a food processor, and a glass baking dish. That’s it! The layers of these mock Snickers bars are made by simply blending some whole-food-based ingredients together and chilling them in the freezer. Feel free to change up the chopped nuts in the filling to suit your tastes. The recipe makes fifteen “fun-size” candy bars, so one batch will go a long way.

Gather your ingredients, food processor, and baking dish, and make a batch of these. They’re the perfect after-lunch, after-dinner, or, whenever-you-feel-like-treating-yourself sweet!