Weight Watchers – What’s today’s Dinner? Quick and FILLING Recipe you can whip up in minutes!

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So I thought I’d share tonight’s dinner with you! It’s so quick and easy and my Husband loves these also!!
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Chicken Salad Pita’s
What you will need:
Chicken Shortcuts- Perdue or Harvestland Brand.. I normally use Perdue
1 Cups celery
1/2 Cup onions
2 Tbsp Light Ranch dressing (any brand you like around 50 cals per serving)
Pitas (around 60 calories per entire pita)
** I misspoke! The pitas were from BJ’s not Trader Joe’s so look for them they are great!
The Pita’s are 3 Points a piece!! The soup you see is Cream of Broccoli and corn chowder.. I will be posting that recipe soon!
**Everything you see on my plate is only 8 points including the soup!

For the soup recipe click here http://youtu.be/BmPG7Gf-AQI

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