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“An apple in a day keeps the doctor away”.In this video I have shown you how to prepared apple smoothie.This is healthy smoothie loaded with benifits of fiber, vitamins,protein,iron, calcium and magnesium.Healthy apple smoothie with milk,dates,peanut butter,oats,banana and honey make a healthy version of your breakfast.It is delicious and yummy,I am sure you are going to love it.plzz make it and enjoy this recipi.

Ingredients :

Apple date smoothie-

Apple (peeled n chopped) : 1 medium size
Date (deseeded n chopped) : 5 to 6
Peanut butter : 1 tbsp
Milk(chilled) : 2 cup
Icecubes (optional) : 6

Apple oat smoothie-

Apple(peeled and chopped) : 1 medium size
Oat(soaked in boil water for 10 minutes) : 2 tbsp
Honey : 2 tbsp
Banana : 1
Milk(chilled) : 2 cup
Icecubes ( optional) : 6

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Stay healthy stay blessed 🙂