Welcome to my first healthy meal that can be used as part of a wider weight loss regime. Todays recipe is not only easy to make and very low in fat it also has a great taste and is very filling.

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200g Fettuccini cooked as per instructions
150g Sliced Mushrooms (your favourite, we used button)
1 Chicken Breast (200g) diced
2 Cloves Garlic Large or 3 small
400g Light Evaporated Milk
1 onion sliced
Parsley Chopped
1 teaspoon Olive Oil

Cook pasta as per instructions.
Heat pan on medium heat and add onion cooking until softened but not burnt.
Add diced chicken stirring until browned.
Add garlic and mushrooms stirring for a couple of minutes until mushrooms have softened.
Add Evaporated Milk, lots of pepper and a little salt, turn down heat so simmering and reducing liquid, approx 3 minutes.
Add parsley and pasta stirring to incorporate all the flavours.
Serve immediately, option to add Parmesan Cheese on top.