Ecuadorian Sweet Potato Pancake Patties – Llapingachos de Camote – Vegan Weight Loss Brunch Recipe

Today I have a video showing how I make Llapingachos de Camote with Salsa de Mani which are Vegan Cheese filled Ecuadorian Sweet Potato Pancake Patties with a spicy peanut salsa. Llapingachos Ecuatorianos are usually served for brunch. In this video I show you how to cook this tasty plant based vegan weight loss recipe that is also diabetic friendly.

This is a unique vegan latino recipe that is both healthy and delicious. If your following a diabetic diet and looking to lose weight and/or reverse type 2 diabetes, you’ll find that this dish is satisfying. Following a plant based diet doesn’t have to be bland or boring. There are lots of great vegan weight loss recipes that can help you to transition over to a healthier plant based lifestyle.

You can find the recipe in my blog, I have included possible substitutions for those of you who are unable to get the Latino ingredients in the dish.

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