GARLIC PRAWNS – Weight loss recipe

Todays low fat recipe contains just 5% fat with most of that being the healthy kind from olive oil. So sit back and enjoy this fantastic recipe i have prepared for you.

Energy per 100g: 592kJ – 141Cal
Fat per 100g: 5.0g

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400g Raw Prawns Peeled and Deveined
400g Spaghetti
50g Olive Oil
4-6 cloves garlic depending on size, crushed
Pinch Chilli flakes
20g Fresh Parsley finely chopped
½ cup water from pasta
1 lemon squeezed

Cook spaghetti as per instructions.
Preheat large pan on medium heat and add olive oil, garlic and chilli and cook for approx 1 minute ensuring that the garlic does not burn….turn down heat if you see garlic colouring. After 1 minute turn up heat slightly and add prawns stirring until prawns start to turn white. Add ½ cup water until prawns are cooked.
Add the spaghetti and parsley and lemon juice and toss through.
Serve on plate with some shaved parmesan cheese if desired.