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Healthy Weight loss Recipes
Looking for the right healthy meal plan is without a doubt one of the hardest things about dieting. Sure we can all cut out the junk foods in our diets but for how long, a day? A week? A month if you’re lucky. It’s all about finding a new diet that’s flexible and appetizing for you. It obviously has to be healthy but what if I told you the meals you could eat actually tasted great. I want to help you discover the superfoods out there that you can add to your daily meals. Giving you a healthy regimen you can stick to. There are hundreds of weight loss recipes that you can cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We all know breakfast is the king of all meals and the best way to kick-starting your metabolism which will evidently help with your weight loss.

Breakfast is imperative to your weight loss and you starting your day right. It is the only time of day where you want a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Most people think pizza is terrible to eat if you’re trying to lose weight cause it unhealthy, fattening, and all around bad for your health. But I’m sure you have never thought of making one of my favourites, avocado breakfast pizza. It’s loaded with protein, fiber and a lot of flavor. This healthy meal consists of 4 simple ingredients. It is great for busy mornings that have long hours ahead. You get whole grain tortilla wrap topped with avocado spread across as your sauce and a fried egg or two on top. Let the yolk from the fried egg burst onto your pizza and that can be your dip making each bite even better. The yolk is backed up by the freshly cut and spread avocado. To enhance the flavor you may add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

The benefits of sweet potato are very rewarding for your body and maintaining healthy weight loss. For most people it is a dinner meal but have you ever considered it for breakfast? These potatoes can be eaten many different ways. An excellent way to eat this for breakfast is pancake style, that’s right sweet potato pancakes. These pancakes are high in protein and are gluten free. You can also use peanut flour which gives it a decadent taste but any flour works just as good. You then add eggs and if the batter is too thick add a bit of milk. To make it interesting you can top them with maple syrup, honey, apple butter, apple sauce or just no sauce at all because remember they are already naturally sweetened from the sweet potato. Put this all together and you have yourself a healthy meal to help you reach those weight loss goals.