LEMON GINGER TEA for Detox – Weight Loss Recipe

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Resting Time: 10 minutes

Lemon Ginger Tea made with infusion of lemon juice and ginger root. Though we call this as TEA there is actually no tea leaves used in it, only lemon juice and grated Ginger used to make this detox tea. Use Honey or Natural sweetener to sweeten the beverage if required, avoid refined sugars.

Ginger – Treats nausea, improves digestion and helps in absorbing nutrients to your body.

Lemon – Supports weight-loss, good source of Vitamin-C, prevents kidney stones and keeps you hydrated.

Lemon Ginger in combined form helps to improve immune system, prevents cancer, maintains sugar levels thus controlling diabetes, also makes wonder in your weight loss journey. Consume this everyday as an alternative to your morning beverage (caffeinated) to see positive changes in the weight loss, body, hair and skin health.

Do you agree now that this is a wonderful tea for your health after reading the benefits. Ditch the sodas and aerated drinks to improve your health and prefer healthy drinks.

Do try this Lemon Ginger tea and stay healthy!

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