Lose Weight and Increase Energy with Homemade Protein Bars

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I’m Jennifer Powter, a weight loss and fitness expert, and I’m super excited to show you how to make your own protein bars at home with six simple ingredients.

Part of the challenge for us is that it’s actually hard to get enough protein in during the day. My guess is that your fridge right now isn’t loaded with chunks of chicken or beautiful cooked sirloin steak.

When we do feel hungry at 10:00 AM or at 2:00 PM, often we’re not craving protein, we’re often craving that carbohydrate hit. Instead, we need to have an easy way to have a protein based snack available to us so that we get what we need in during the day and decrease the amount of carbohydrates we’re consuming.

What’s really cool about this is literally it’s six simple ingredients and I’m going to just use a spoon and a bowl. If you do have a hand mixer or a KitchenAid stand mixer you can use one of those, but I just wanted to show you that it can be a really easy thing to do.

Here are the ingredients:

Peanut butter. I have five tablespoons of all natural peanut butter here, but you can certainly use other varieties or a different kind of nut butter. I’m going to use this today.

Three scoops of protein powder. Again, you can change this up, use vanilla or use chocolate. Today I’m using a chocolate peanut butter protein powder.

One and a half cups of large flake oats.

I have about a teaspoon of cinnamon here, but you can also add other flavorings if you wanted, like nutmeg or cloves, anything that suits your palette.

A pinch of Himalayan sea salt.

A teaspoon of vanilla.

Some cold water. I have about a quarter of a cup in here. I may need a little bit more, but I’ll know once I get the recipe mixture going.

Before you start making up the mixture you want to make sure that you have an 8×8 pan lined with parchment paper. These suckers get a little bit sticky, so it keeps it nice and easy to work with and nice and easy to cut once they’ve been chilled.

The first thing I’m going to do is take my peanut butter and put it into a large bowl. Next, I’m going to add just the vanilla, the salt, and any seasonings or spices that you have and add those in, and quickly mix that up.

Now I’m going to take the protein powder and add that in. This isn’t going to incorporate super well, it’s going to be dry basically, so you’re going to try to get that mixed in as much as you can with a bit of stirring here.

You can see that I have those basic ingredients here and it’s just in a course texture. It’s not going to feel smooth at this point and that’s totally normal.

Now I’m going to take some of the water and add it slowly. I’ll add about half of it and I’m going to start to blend it together.

Now I have this nice dense ball, it’s come together really nicely and it looks almost like a dough. It’s going to look about like that before you add the oats.

Now I’m going to add about half of the oats, so it’s not too hard to mix all at once.

I’m going to add the rest of the oats and go back to mixing just a little bit more.

That is looking really good. Basically I have a whole hunk of mixture there, it can stick all together on a spoon.

I’m going to take my mixture and plop it into my pan that’s lined with parchment paper and just use my spoon to spread it out. Just pressing the mixture down into a nice even consistency across the pan.

I’ve worked this down as consistently as smoothly and evenly as I can. It looks like that in the pan.

Now what I’m going to do is put it into the fridge. If you’re in a rush, you could put it into the freezer. I’m just going to let it set for a little bit and chill so the ingredients can gel and it will be easier to cut into individual protein bars.

One of the things that I really like about this recipe and how simple it is, first of all, it took very little time to make. Second, you may have noticed that I did not add a lot of other things like dried fruit or nuts or seeds. You certainly could, but you have to remember that those are the things that really pack a lot of extra energy onto our bodies. Although it’s tasty and sweet, that dried fruit is a carbohydrate and the nuts are a fat. Sure, those could be a healthy source of those things, but often we’re eating more than we need.
This is just a nice simple protein bar where the majority of what I’m consuming is protein based. I like that.

So these have had a chance to chill. All I’m going to do now is take the pan and cut it into eight bars. The other thing you could do is just grab spoonfuls of this and just roll them into balls, that’s a fun way to use them and kids really like to do that too.

These are so good. I love it.

I’m Jennifer Powter. Thanks again for watching. I’m going to be back soon with another video for you. Take care.