Navratri Diet Plan | नवरात्रि मे क्या खाएं | What To Eat In Navratri Fast | Nainja Kapoor

Navratri Diet Plan | Navratri Special Foods | What To Eat In Navratri Fast | Nainja Kapoor Meal Plan for Upvas Vrat Navratri Special Recipes Diet Plan For Weight Loss upto 5kg Navratri me kya khaye
नवरात्रि मे क्या खाएं navratri me kya kya khaye Dietitian in Inderpuri nutritionist in india nutritionist in inderpuri Dietitian in patelnagar Rajinder nagar

Hey Guys,
Navratri is the series of 9 auspicious days when Goddess Durga reside on our earth. People observe fasts during these 9 Navratre days. Taking care of your diet during fasting is very important. So, i am going to share few tips and diet plan for navratri or fast. I hope, this video will help you.

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