oats carrot raita weight loss recipe

Oats Carrot Raita weightloss recipe, how to make oats carrot raita, easy yogurt recipe for weight loss

Oats carrot raita is a very weight loss recipe which is yogurt based. Among all the dairy products, yogurt is considered as a best dairy product when you are tryibg to loose weight. Oats carrot raita has oats, yogurt, carrot and roasted cumin powder in it.

Oats carrot raita is good to be consumed with weight loss chapati or weight loss thepla. Oats carrot raita hellps making you full with lower calories and hence good for weight loss. Preparation of oats carrot raita is very simple. We have different types of raita like Boondi raita, Carrot raita , Khera raita, Onion raita, Mix vegetable raita, Mix fruit raita , Pineapple raita, and many other.
Oats carrot raita is low in calories, high in fiber and protein. Because we add carrot in oats carrot raita, that makes oats carrot raita very nutritious.

Ingredients to make Oats carrot raita –
Yogurt- 2 tsp
Grated carrot-2 tsp
Roasted oats powder-1 tsp
Rock salt – according to taste
Mint leaves- 4-5 crushed
Roasted cumin powder- 1 tsp

How to make Oats Carrot Raita: Take yogurt in a bowl. Yogurt can be homemade or it can be bought from market. Now add carrot in it, and then add roasted oats. Oats can be roasted at home. Mix all the ingredients well then add 4 – 5 crushed mint leaves in it. There is the pleasant smell by the mint leaves. Mint is cool in nature. After that add salt and rock salt according to taste. If oats carrot raita is very thick, add some water in it. We can adjuct consistency according to our need. At last add cumin powder in the oats carrot raita.
Oats carrot raita is ready to eat. Enjoy Oats carrot raita.

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