Oats Yogurt Recipe | How to make Oats Curd/Dahi at Home | Healthy Weight Loss Recipe| In Hindi

Yogurt and Oats are an excellent source of calcium and protein, oats are rich in fibre, these nutrients have been proven to raise the body’s metabolic rate and boost fat loss. A study published in Obesity Research found that people who included these two ingredients in their diet lost 50% more of their excess weight than those on no carb diet. So we came up with this unique recipe to help you lose that extra weight with a taste.

Ingredients to make oats yogurt/Dahl/Curd (serving 1)

2 tbsp /1/2 cup quick Oats
1/2 cup skimmed cow milk
Water as required
1 tsp Curd Culture

Method to make Oats Yogurt :-
1.Add 2 tbsp of oats to bowl, cover it with water and let it soak overnight (or for 3-4hours)
2.Next morning heat 1/2 cup of skimmed cow milk, bring it to a boil.
3.Blend the soaked oats in a Blender and mix it to the hot/warm milk.
4.Add a tsp of yogurt culture, and mix it really well
5.let the mixture set for 8-9 hours or overnight
6.Your oats yogurt is ready to serve.
7.Have it with your favourite fruit.
8. Or use buttermilk out of this Curd
9. You can also customise it by adding your favourite spices or fruits to make smoothie or shakes.