Quick Weight Loss Recipe: Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites | Sweet Weight Loss Recipe

Hi All,

Today’s recipe is “Chocolate Banana Bites”. Everyone has sweet tooth and hard to avoid. So here is the solution for the sweet tooth. Let’s see how to make our Chocolate Banana Bites.

1. Banana cut into 1-inch pieces
2. Dark chocolate
3. Tooth picks

1. Melt dark chocolate
2. Dip banana pieces into dark chocolate
3. Refrigerate for 30-60 min

Benefits of our Chocolate Banana Bites and How to consume it:
1. We can take this as a dessert, or whenever we have sweet tooth.
2. This is great for both summers and winters to crave a sweet tooth. Also, it is naturally sweet
3. Dark chocolate we have used in this is the rich source of the metabolism-boosting compound.
4. More Cocoa rich our chocolate is will help more in weight loss
5. Banana is the rich source of resistant starch.
6. Combining both banana and chocolate make this dessert a winner for weight loss

Macros of our Chocolate Banana Bites (per Servings):
Calories: 110 Kcal
Protein: 1.3 g
Fat: 1.9 g
Carbohydrates: 23.6 g
Fiber: 1.4 g

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