Weight-Loss Recipe Wednesday: Tangy Tasty Tuna Salad! *High Protein* *WLS Friendly*

Hi everyone! Ingredients and Nutritional Info are in here! Open Me!!

Today I have an awesome secret ingredient to share with you for my second weight-loss recipe wednesday! I know this is definitely not much of a recipe, as I’m sure everyone knows how to make tuna salad, but I think the french dressing truly takes it to a whole new level. And when you can only eat mashed/pureed foods for 3 weeks, anytime you can switch up the flavors is much appreciated! The beauty of this is you can take YOUR favorite tuna salad recipe and throw some catalina french dressing in there and BAM! It’s tangy and tasty, Chemsitry queen style..haha! 🙂

**Please consult your personal surgeon/nutritionist if you are not sure you can tuna during soft/pureed food stage!**

I throw this Tuna salad in my food processor to make sure it is extra smooth for this stage!

4 oz DRAINED solid white albacore tuna in water. (Came from a 5oz can)
1.5 tbsp (22g) Real Mayo
1 tbsp (15g) Catalina French Dressing
2 tsp (10g) Yellow Mustard
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Nutritional Information:
This recipe makes *2* 2.5 oz servings of Tangy Tasty Tuna!
1 serving=
-151 calories
-9g Fat
-338mg sodium
-3g carbs
-2g sugar
-13g protein!!

**Please note I calculated these macros using MyFitnessPal. Your actual numbers may vary!

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