Weight Loss Recipe Wednesday! * VSG/RNY Soft/Pureed Food Stage Friendly Scrambled Egg!

Hi everyone!

Today I have an awesome technique to share with you for my first weight-loss recipe wednesday! Here I will be showing you how to make English style scrambled eggs, which come out very moist, silky, and easy to swallow/digest. My surgeon allows scrambled eggs at the pureed food stage, as long as they are not overcooked! No worries, this simple and super fast cooking technique ensures your eggs will be perfect every time.

**Please consult your personal surgeon/nutritionist if you are not sure you can have eggs yet!**

1 tsp butter (I weight mine – 5g = 1 tsp)
1 large egg
Salt & Pepper to your taste

Nutritional Information:
Whole “Recipe” =
-104 calories
-9g Fat
-89mg sodium (I used salted butter)
-1g carbs
-1g sugar
-6g protein

**Please note I calculated these macros using MyFitnessPal. Your actual numbers may vary!

I don’t recommend skipping the butter in this, it makes it truly rich and decadent. You could use a “butter” spread if you prefer and it would save on calories.

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