Weight Loss Recipes Box Set of 3 Cookbooks in 1 by Sam Kuma

As yall may know or not know, Ive been doing lazy keto till I can full commit myself (meaning make Jack) to full keto. Keto is definitely a way hard way of life at first because you literally only get 20g of carbs a day. Think of it in this persepective- a banana is 8g of carbs. Thats almost half your daily intake!

There are alot of books out on the market and you can find tons of recipes on pinterest. Well if you are like me you really dont like pinterest (dont hate me!). I like old fashion recipe books. Problem with searching internet is that you find one recipe you really like and if you forget to bookmark it, you most likely wont be able to find it again. So with that being said, I was able to read Weight Loss Recipes Box Set of 3 Cookbooks in 1 by Sam Kuma.

Now this is a digital copy and not physical copy that can be bought off amazon which means you can literally take it anywhere you want as long as you have access to the kindle app. Upon first glance of the recipes (I just read the list of them on first couple pages) these sounded like foods that Jack would actually eat. I grow tired of seeing all these “internet chefs” that make all this crap that cant be found at a local Walmart so to see real food that was Keto friendly was definitely a nice thing!

After reading more into the book, I found that the recipes for the most part are very basic. Alot of them use products that you would find in your house without having to do major shopping. Some recipes are very simple while others are more complex. This varies depending on what kind of eating style you are going for-Keto, Paleo, Vegan. etc. They are similar in some ways but not others.
While the majority of the book is good (I liked seeing real pictures of the food), I found one thing lacking. I really would have liked to see the carb counts done. For people that do keto, we calculate every single ingredient carb count. It would have been nice to see this will be your net carb count for this many servings or whatever. The recipes are good but now when I do my macros, I have to type in every ingredient rather than just the numbers real quick.

Overall I am pleased with the book set. Like I said its nice to have it all in one place and the fact that recipes are real food sounding and not some magical fairy tale food is nice.

If you want to buy the set on amazon right now (its digital), please follow the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071948X9Q

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