Elimination Diet – LIVE in Melanie’s Kitchen

Today we talked about our gluten free journey and the elimination diet we went on to heal our gut. You will learn about why leaky gut is caused and how it effects you.
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The foods we ate on the elimination diet were when we first started going gluten free were (Please do your own research and seek the advice of a functional medical doctor before starting this).
Grass fed/wild caught meats
Pastured, organic poultry
Organic vegetables and fruits (not including tomatoes and potatoes)
Coconut oil
Olives and olive oil
No honey
No fermented foods for at least the first three weeks
No caffeine (wean yourself slowly and with support if you are currently dependent on caffeine).
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A great resource for the elimination diet:

Feeding a family of seven on $50 a week:

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Melanie is a homestead, homeschool mama to five children and wife to the man of her dreams. She finds victory over chronic illness through healthy eating. Gardening and raising livestock is the means to feeding her family healthy on a budget. Baking is a lifelong passion that was shelved because of food allergies. Now she is discovering how to have her cake and eat it too – without tummy troubles. You can buy her Gluten Free Muffins cookbook on her Etsy store

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