My Favorite Healing Products!

Here is where I buy all the products I shared:

RepairVite by Apex Energetics (I buy it from my Naturopath for $50 so it is expensive but worth having a healthy gut!) You can order RepairVite from Dr. Greg Wright at (858) 578-4400 if you can’t find it anywhere else!

Back Salve for skin cancer, moles, and warts:

Organic Castor Oil for dry eye by Heritage Store (Amazon)

Clear Tract Powder (Amazon)

Pink Salt (

Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey 20+

Norwex Body Cloth (No, this isn’t a healing product but I love it!)

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

***I am not a doctor so these are all my personal opinions and what has worked for me! Try at your own risk.