Down South Country-Fried Burger Recipe – Burger Lab

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This week Richard gets inspiration from good, old American Southern cooking for his Country-Fried Burger. Combining sweet tea barbecue sauce and homemade pimento cheese, all served on a soft brioche bun, this unique recipe takes the Southern classic, country-fried steak, and gives it the burger treatment. Combining the crispy goodness of fried chicken with the richness of a beef burger, this recipe is an explosive flavor bomb.

Check out the episode to see Richard lay out tons of tips and tricks for you to easily pull off this amazing burger recipe at your next party or backyard cookout. Also, you’ve been asking for it, so here at we’ve decided that it’s finally time for Richard to use one of his signature Top Chef and Top Chef All Stars Blais kitchen tricks — liquid nitrogen! Check out the episode to see Richard’s crazy antics and the mouthwatering result.

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