BEEF “HAMBURGER” STEAK RECIPE – ハンバーグ – Salisbury Steak inspired

BEEF “HAMBURGER” STEAK RECIPE – ハンバーグ – Salisbury Steak inspired
Chef Dai demonstrates how he makes this classic Japanese home dish.
for the beef patties (serves 3)
ground Beef x 250 grams
ground Pork x 60 grams
onions x 2
panko or regular breadcrumbs x 5 Tbsp
black pepper x 1/2 tsp
salt x 1/2 tsp
Worcestershire sauce or tonkatsu sauce x 1 tsp
dark soy sauce x 1/2 tsp
grated nutmeg x 1 tsp
whole milk x 2 Tbsp
butter x 1 knob
egg x 1

Other ingredients (serves 1, as shown in the video)
potatos x 2, I recommend using “Charlotte potatoes” for their creamy and fluffy texture
onion x 1
spring onion / scallion x 2 (not 5 as shown in the video, sorry)
butter x 1 knob
egg x 1
salad cress
tomato ketchup x 1 Tbsp
tonkatsu sauce x 1 Tbsp
water x 1 Tbsp
red wine x 1 Tbsp
white pepper
black pepper
smoked paprika

Hambagu is a popular Salisbury steak inspired dish in Japan. Many restaurants specialize in various styles of hambagu steak. Some variations include hanbāgu topped with cheese (チーズハンバーグ, or chizuhanbāgu), hanbāgu with Japanese curry, and Italian hanbāgu (with tomato sauce rather than gravy).

Hambagu steak became popular in the 1960s as a more affordable way to serve otherwise costly meat. Japanese magazines regularly printed the hambagu recipe during that decade, elevating it to a staple dish in Japanese culture. In Japan, the dish dates back to the Meiji period and is believed to have been first served in the city of Yokohama, which was one of the first ports opened to foreigners.
I will endeavour to feature different variations of this hambagu recipe in future videos, with a grated radish, shisho leaf and ponzu sauce recipe being my personal favourite.



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