Grilled Hanger Steak Recipe

The hanger steak or the butcher’s steak is possibly best “secret” cuts in butchery. Legend has it that they called it the butcher’s steak because he always kept it to himself and didn’t make it available for sale. The flavor of the hanger steak is phenomenal and has a much stronger beef flavor than other cuts. You won’t find this cut in most stores and I had to ask my butcher for it directly. He gladly ordered them in for me and I came back the next day to pick them up. There are only two hanger steaks on a cow, so I got a whole cows worth (~3 Lbs!).

If you like flank or skirt steak you’ll like this one as well because they are similar in both texture and flavor. It takes a bit of skill to cook it correctly and is very tough if cooked to well done. It is cooked best quickly over high heat to rare or medium rare.

1 Hanger Steak
Add your favorite rub or steak marinade.
That’s it!

Heat up the grill as hot as you can get it and cook the steaks directly over the coals. Be sure to flip it every 30 seconds to a minute or so to ensure that the steaks don’t burn. The Hanger steak is made up of two steaks that are different sizes watch them carefully and pull them when they reach 125 F internal temperature.

Items shown in the video:
22” Weber Kettle :
Lodge 8” Cast Iron Skillet :
Victorinox boning knife :

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