How To Make A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey – Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe

I have been cooking my Thanksgiving turkey this way since 2007. I was very skeptical the first time I tried this technique for cooking turkey, but it has never let me down. The main benefits of cooking oven roasted turkey using this technique is that it will be very moist, the turkey skin will be crispy and it will cook a lot faster than turkey cooked at the typical 325 degrees. I have passed on this method of cooking turkey to quite a few people that continue cooking their Thanksgiving turkeys this way.

Tips for cooking a high temperature turkey

*Check your turkey every 45 minutes for color. Reduce heat if necessary (In this video I reduced the heat to 430 degrees when I had the color I wanted)
*Make sure your oven is clean.
*Brink turkey as close to room temperature as possible before roasting.
*Don’t butter the outside unless you use clarified butter.
*You can brine, but I haven’t found it necessary.
*I suggest Tony Chachere’s turkey injection.
*Do Not tie turkey legs together until after cooked for presentation.
*Not suggested be used if using a stuffing mixture.
*Cook on raised surface, not in deep pan.
*Make sure you remove anything in turkey cavity before cooking
*Spray your turkey with cooking spray to get a nice sheen on your turkey after it’s fully cooked.

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