Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

My Turkey Recipe. In about 2007 I was searching for the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. I came across a recipe for roasted Turkey that suggested a cooking temperature of 450 to 475 degrees. I thought that this couldn’t be right. Who roasts a Turkey at 450. Well one day a few weeks before Thanksgiving I decided to give it a trial run. I have never looked back. I will still cook turkeys on the grill, or smoke them just to do something different, but if you told me i had one shot to impress someone, this would be how i cook the turkey. It is extremely fast to cook (even faster than frying a turkey) and it comes out perfect every time. I cooked a 10.5 pound turkey. I suggest turkeys between 9 to 14 pounds

*Make sure your oven is clean
*Don’t butter the outside unless you use clarified butter
*You can brine, but I haven’t found it necessary
*I suggest Tony Chachere’s turkey injection
*Do Not tie turkey legs together until after cooked for presentation
*Not suggested be used if using a stuffing mixture
*Cook on raised surface, not in deep pan
*Make sure you remove anything in turkey cavity before cooking

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