Quick and Easy Beaten Coffee Recipe | Indian Cappuccino Recipe | How to Make Beaten Coffee

Learn two easy and quick ways to make super tasty Beaten Coffee also called Indian Cappuccino coffee. This frothy, beautiful looking Cappuccino coffee is just one thing you want to feel refreshed on any tiring day. Its super quick, easy to make and does not need any special equipment. I have further garnished it with coffee powder heart on top to give a nice and beautiful look to coffee. Try this recipe and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Will see you again in another video till then keep watching Nehas Cookhouse.

Other Names:

Beaten Coffee, Cappuccino Coffee, Desi Style Coffee,


Milk (as needed)
Instant Coffee Powder (as needed)
Sugar (as needed)


1. Today we are going to make cappuccino coffee using two different methods, by using electric beater and then by manual method, you can choose whichever method is easier for you.

2. So, lets start with the manual method first. Manual method is good if you want to make just 1 or 2 cups of coffee. For this, first take 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp instant coffee powder in a cup and mix them well like as shown in video, the typical ratio for moderate strength coffee is 2 parts sugar and 1 part coffee. Now add 1 tsp milk or you can also use water and again mix it in a circular motion. We need to keep adding milk in ½ tsp quantity and keep beating in circular motion until we get a fluffy light brown coffee paste. In total I have used 2½ tsp milk. Make sure not to use too much milk at one go as we don’t want coffee paste to be thin.

3. I have beaten it for around 10-12 mins but depending on your beating speed it might take less or more time to get the right texture. As a rule the more lighter the coffee paste color is the better it is. Now our coffee paste is ready and this is the texture, thickness, fluffiness and color we wanted.

4. Now lets see the second method using electric beater, this method is very useful if you want to make lots of coffee as beating with hand can be quiet tiring and time consuming. For this take sugar and coffee in 2:1 ratio and change quantity according to the number of coffee cups you want to make. Mix the mixture well, after that add 2 tbsp milk and mix it again with spoon so that coffee mixture get little wet. Now start beating it with electric beater till it becomes like a paste. Then again add ½ tbsp of milk and carefully beat it again. In total I have used 3½ tbsp milk.

5. Beat it for around 7-8 mins till you get light brown fluffy paste like this.

6. Now for making coffee, boil milk in a pan. Once milk has boiled take a cup in which you want to serve coffee, add 1 tsp of coffee paste and then fill cup to half with milk and mix it well. Then again add 1 tsp of coffee, milk and gently mix it again to get dense froth like shown in video. If you want to have even denser froth then heat cup coffee in microwave for 15-20 sec. If you still have extra coffee paste left, cover it and keep in refrigerator to use it later. Storing it in refrigerator helps in preserving paste consistency.

7. Now lets do some garnishing with chocolate powder to give coffee a beautiful look. For this cut a piece of paper in heart shape like this. Now place heart shape over the cup, and gently sprinkle some chocolate powder using a sieve. Repeat same process with coffee paste made using second method.

8. Now our frothy and beautiful looking coffee is ready to taste.

Tips n Tricks:

1. Increase the quantity of coffee if you like it strong, 2:1 ratio is for moderate strength coffee.
2. You can also use cinnamon powder instead of chocolate powder for garnishing it and for a different flavor on top.
3. If you want extra dense froths on coffee, heat it in microwave for 15-20 secs.

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