Vegetable And Meaty Watery Dinner Recipe

Vegetable Kebab Recipe
Materials required for 150 people
15 calves up to 20 kilograms of veal
30 pieces of eggplant, 10 pieces of onion,
10 carrots, 15 tomatoes,
  2 kilograms of peas,
3 kilograms of bitter or sweet green pepper,
  15 kilograms of potatoes
7 kilograms of black squash,
crushed or garlic is abundant
salt, thyme, black pepper, cumin, chili pepper
powdered sugar and half a kilogram of wheat starch
this video will make a vegetable kebab for 150 people in detail
the materials I show you are the materials that will cost me 150 people
30 eggplant, 10 onions, 10 carrots, 15 tomatoes,
 2 kilograms of peas, 3 kilograms of bitter or sweet green peppers, 15 kilograms of potatoes
7 kilograms of black courgette, at least 15 calves beef to 20 kilograms
you can use crushed garlic or garlic and I will share spices with you
 slice the peeled carrots in large cube shapes during preparation and add them into a container
be careful that all the chopped materials are the same size
chop the onions so that they are the same size as the carrots
  always be careful to use a sharp knife. If you do not cut the knife the onions will live your eyes
it is necessary to use a large deep dish that can fit meat
 add a small amount of liquid sunflower oil and add chopped carrots and chopped meat
leave the meats on high fire Close the cover of the pot 5 mix
it is necessary to cook until the meat has run out of water, bring the fire to a low level when the water is done
 chopped or crushed or garlic, add the chopped onions
add some water and wait for the steamed onions. in the meantime prepare other materials
add the potatoes into a large chunks cup and chop them
Chop and prepare the eggplants to be the same size as the patties
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add the chopped ingredients to the containers and keep on hold
chop and prepare green peppers with large stalks
, red pepper, hot pepper or sweet pepper
You can use black squash in big size, normal white cover
Cut out the tips of the tomatoes and prepare them, you can use tomatoes peeled
all the ingredients are raw and ready, now let’s go back to the cooking stage
patetes eggplant and zucchini toast, chopped potatoes cook in hot oil
sugar, salt, thyme, black pepper, cumin, flake pepper,
add boiling water at the same level as the material, close the cover and leave it at a low temperature
Continue to cook until 1 o’clock or 2 hours softer in a very soft manner
stir fried cube potatoes into a deep baking oven
vegetables in the bottom and meat in the top
Leave the eggplants in hot oil and fry them in about 7 minutes
fry the chopped zucchini and the zucchini will be ready for about 10 minutes
you should always take foam if it becomes bubbling in boiling dishes. it needs to be foam-free in order to be a durable clean and long-lasting dish
fried vegetables are ready and you can use canned peas to add boiled peas
mix the wheat starch or normal flour with cold water after the meats are completely squirted
add this mixture to your boiled dish, stir it up slowly and add slowly
add starch in this way and the meal will sieve and take the soup consistency, boil for 5 minutes
I add meat and water in equal amounts to the tray
topped with chopped peppers and chopped tomatoes
I need to bake for about 15 minutes, I add some water to bake the water in the baking section
the last time you add thyme while serving it will give you the flavor and smell in the most beautiful way
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