Easy Recipes For Working Women l Dal Makhani Recipe | Pressure Cooker Series

Here is an one pot one shot or opos pressure cooker recipe of dal makhani. Super healthy and tasty, super quick, easy and a time saver. This way you can cook smart and save time. Yes, you need to try this recipe once to believe how tasty it can be. I am sure it will be a keeper recipe for you all.


Recipe at a glance –

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Serve: 5-6

Ingredients: (1 cup= 160 ml approx.)

• Kali urad dal or Split Black gram- 1 cup
• Rajma or kidney beans- 1/2 cup
• Chana dal or Bengal gram- 1/4 cup
• Onion- 2 medium, chopped
• Tomato- 2 medium, chopped
• Ginger-Garlic paste- 1 tsp.
• Green chili- 2-3, chopped
• Red chili- 1 tsp.
• Dhania or Coriander powder- 1 tbsp.
• Jeera or coriander powder- ½ tsp.
• Turmeric- a pinch.
• Garam masala- ½ tsp.
• Cardamom- 2 pods
• Clove- 2
• Cinnamon- 1”
• Ghee/oil- 1 & ½ tbsp.
• Water- 5 cups or 800 ml.
• Malai/cream- 2 tbsp.
• Dhania or Coriander leaves- few for cooking and garnishing
• Salt- as per taste

How to make:

1. Soak kidney beans (rajma), split black gram (kali urad dal) and Bengal gram (chana dal) overnight with plenty of water or at least for 8 hours.
2. Rinse soaked dal/lentils well before cooking.
3. In a pressure cooker, heat ghee or oil.
4. Add cardamom, cinnamon and clove, then reduce the flame to sim.
5. Now add all the ingredients except malai or cream and few coriander leaves (for garnishing).
6. Pressure cook it on medium-high flame till 1 whistle, then reduce the flame to medium-low and wait for 9-10 whistle (do not cook on high flame)
7. Let the pressure release by its own.
8. Open pressure cooker and switch on the gas.
9. On a very low flame simmer dal for 10 minutes.
10. Do not forget to stir in between.
11. After 10 minutes add malai or cream and again let it simmer for 5 minutes.
12. Before serving garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rice or phulka.

Note: You can freeze this dal makhni as well. If you are going to freeze then do not add malai/cream, thaw it very well then add malai/cream and simmer for 5 minutes. It will give you a fresh taste.


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