Tray Kebap Easy Recipe Traditional Food Turkish

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if you want to make this food in small quantity, please watch this video , for 4 people , easy cooking on steel plate

Tray Kebab Recipe, , Lamb and tail fat
Fat lamb can be used , , Bitter green pepper , , Red cabbage
Painful or painless pepper paste ,, egg , , salt , , Cheddar cheese
Oven tray or steel plate required
easy Turkish tray kebab recipe
Necessary materials
it is possible to use fatty lamb or lamb tail fat and lean meat
where fifteen kilograms of meat will be used
 you need to use shredded cheddar cheese
grater and two kilograms of cheese six medium eggs
red cabbage pepper bitter green pepper bitter red peppercorn
salt is only to be used and no spices are used
firstly we have to prepare the meats
cut the pieces a little with a knife and then chop with the mincemeat
very easy to prepare and make
fabulous delicious recipe that is easy to cook
I have previously shared this recipe as a plate kebab with a quadruple
Prepare meat chop finely with meat grinder
the meat is ready one time after the machine is ready
 cut the ends of the hot green peppers with a knife
mix peppers with green peppers
chop the peppers a little thinly with machine
add finely chopped peppers into the strainer and let the water drain
very painful lovers may use very hot peppers
add six eggs Six spoonfuls of peppercorn are used
about eight hundred grams of pepper paste
a hundred grams of salt is added
thoroughly mix all materials it needs to be kneaded strongly
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after mixing a few rounds of ingredients first, the cheese will be added
grate two kilograms of kashar cheese add grated cheese into the kebab
After thoroughly mixing, the material will be poured into trays and ready for cooking
you have to lay it in such a way as to completely cover the mince kebab into the hull
it will be easier to do this by wetting some of our hands
smoothly add the pudding
a pod of this size may suffice six kilograms of ground beef
the small bowl was added to three kilograms of ground beef
place the tray in the oven and cook at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius
it’s enough to cook for fifteen minutes or up to twenty minutes in this oven
keep the beer in the tray and then cut into equal pieces
a large tray will be enough and enough forty people
place this ingredient in a small steel plate and try it out
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you can serve it with salad and rice beside it