BBQ Chicken Sandwich in the Crock Pot – Slow Cooker Recipe

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich – Slow Cooker Recipe
3 chicken breast’s
1 cup of chicken broth or 1 cup of water seasoned with 1 tbsp of chicken Bouillon.
Heat up the crock pot/slow cooker on high for 10 mins. Pour in your broth or seasoned water and let heat up for 20 mins with lid on.
Place the chicken in the pot and cover with the lid and cook for 3 1/2 hours.
After cook time, remove the juices in the crock pot for use of broth or future cooks. (This helps add flavor)
shred the chicken and pour in a bottle of bbq sauce. Mix together well.
Take a good fluffy bun and add a healthy portion of chicken on the bottom slice of the bun. Top with coleslaw and your favorite toppings.


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