Mexican Chicken Soup | Slow Cooker Recipe | Is It Naptime Yet

Hey, ya’ll! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my video! Be sure to give it a Thumbs Up if you liked and hit that red Subscribe button to see more of my videos! I got this recipe from the Food Network site…you can find it yourself at this link:

I actually didn’t even get to eat this soup…I went Christmas shopping with my husband and my 4 kiddos gobbled this stuff up while we were gone. They saved a wee bit and I let hubby have that and he said it was great, too. So I think that says something, eh?

As you can tell in this picture, I am about 6 months pregnant with #5 and love making healthy recipes, though sometimes I slip in some not-so-good-for-you foods, too. ::wink:: This is definitely on the healthier side, though!

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