Paleo Slow Cooker Recipe Book – Paleo Zone Recipe Book

Paleo Slow Cooker Recipe Book – Paleo Zone Recipe Book

Before you purchase a book with 370 Paleo recipes, you are probably wondering what the Paleolithic Diet is in the first place. As the name implies, it’s a diet which is based on the way that researchers think our ancestors ate back in the caveman days. This is why it sometimes also known as the Caveman Diet. Why would you want to eat like our ancestors? Aren’t we more advanced today? Actually, most of the “advancements” we’ve made in the field of food are drawbacks. Look on any package of food in a grocery store. Almost without fail, you’ll see lists of additives which you can’t recognize as food, because they aren’t food. They’re “food-like substances.” Our meats and dairy products are also contaminated with hormones and antibiotics, and pesticides sully our fruits and vegetables.

Cavemen didn’t use these additives, hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Their food was wholesome, fresh, and healthy, and it was all really food. Cavemen didn’t eat a lot of grains since they hadn’t figured out how to do agriculture yet, so most of their food was protein rich meats and eggs along with a huge helping of fruits and vegetables. Fungi, nuts, fish, and natural oils also contribute to this diet. How strictly you adhere to the diet is up to you; some people who eat the Paleo Diet are very strict and will avoid grains, while others may eat healthy whole grains. You’ll be eating a lot less carbs and a lot more protein, which is good for most people, since we tend to eat too many carbs and too little protein in our modern diets.

Note that the Paleo Recipe Book is not about weight loss. You can lose weight on this diet, and if you have fat to burn, odds are you will. But the main objective of the program is to get healthier, so that should be your number one focus, even if you are trying to lose weight. Also note that this is not a bodybuilding book, but with the protein-rich recipes, you will probably see improvements in that area s well.


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