Prompt (Slow Cooker Recipe)

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Sorry once again on the quality of this video. I am not sure what is going on. The actual files are not like this. So I am going to switch to another camera to see if I can figure out what is the problem.
This is a dish that is similiar to something I have tried before called Washday casserole… I think it needs more liquid in it and a longer cooking time with something to zest it up. The potatoes should probably be cut with the same thickness and much thinner for the time provided. Or extend the cooking time by two hours.
I prepared this meal to be eaten as lunches through the week. While the flavor did seem to get a little better the next day, it still did not have the punch that I needed.
Have I explained that I always prepare a recipe the way it is written the first time, and make additions to it later? Yeah, I think I have.
Recipe available at: