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Bengali fish recipes, Rui macher kalia, Bengali fish curry, Fish kalia, Rohu fish recipe, How to make Rui macher Kalia Bengali fish curry recipe? Macher kalia is very famous Bengali fish recipe. It is one of the popular dishes in Bengali. For this fish recipe I used Ruhi/ Rohu fish to make the kalia.

How to make Bengali Fish kalia Recipe?
Bengali’s are big fans of food and are proud of its cuisine. Bengali’s not only spend a lot of time thinking about food, but also in its cooking and eating. This is a popular Bengali Recipe. This fish recipe cooked in mustard oil with ginger garlic paste and mustard pastes. Rohu is easily available in any Bengali fish market. Rui Macher kalia is a traditional Bengali spicy fish stew. It is as a very spicy stew served with rice.

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