The Best Gefilte Fish Recipe in The World – Gefilta by Sarah

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82 year old South African Sarah Hesselman makes the best gefilte fish in the world. Problem is, the world doesn’t know how she does it. Things have changed, and now you can watch Sarah in action. Just don’t expect a recipe. She’s been making her gefilte fish the same way for more than 50 years and has never written anything down.

Enjoy this unique romp into the world of Jewish cooking and Sarah’s comments about life with the late Louis and Cilla Chait who were her surrogate family and employers from the time she came to Cape Town in her late teens. When Louis and Cilla died Sarah took up residence and employment with their son Noah Chait and his family. This film was shot spontaneously on a MacBook laptop camera by Noah’s daughter Lisa. To contact Sarah or Lisa email

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