French seafood recipe- how to make herb butter mussels – Herb butter recipe for mussels –

Learn how to make herb butter mussels with this step by step cooking video demonstration. In france this Herb butter recipe for mussels is called Moule farcies, translated stuffed mussels in english. however this term does not seem to be used very much. this mussel recipe is really great if you are looking at serving mussels for starter in a different way. the key ingredient in this recipe is the Burgundy Butter (herb and garlic butter) which is also called snail butter because we use it as well as a filling for snails.

ingredients for the burgundy butter:
125 g (half cup) of unsalted butter
3 garlic cloves
20 grams (1.5 tbs) of finely sliced shallots
20 grams (4 tbs) of chopped parsley
40 grams (half cup) of bread crumbs
salt and pepper for the seasoning

Ingredients for the mussels:
1 kg of mussel (1 small bag)
3 tablespoons of sliced shallots
1 tbs of unsalted butter
50 ml (4 Tbs )of white wine
a bit of black pepper

I strongly recommend to pair this with a beautiful dry and crisp white wine.

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