Baked salmon recipe lemon garlic

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Salmon recipe that will surely love to try at home. There is a special Thai Salmon recipe that makes use of black bean sauce for a tantalizing dish you love to do every weekend. Baked Salmon recipe with Thai sauce This preparation is in black bean sauce and fairly easy to do. The flavors of the Salmon recipe are improved because the bean sauce and is a good option to use as a daily food. The total time required for preparation is ten minutes; the cooking time is twelve minutes and can serve two or three people. Salmon recipe Ingredients for use ingredients required are streaks of salmon (two to three), black bean sauce and sherry (two tablespoons each) chicken broth (1/3 cup), three cloves of garlic chopped, lemon juice, sugar and fish sauce (a teaspoon of each), chopped red peppers, cilantro, chopped onions (two) and a quantity of sesame oil. Begin preparing the dish to start preparing Salmon recipe in the oven is first to be preheated (about 350 degrees), then thaw the fish if it is frozen or fresh then rinse and dry. Place fish in a baking dish that has a flat bottom and covered. Next combine the above mentioned ingredients for the sauce and mix well to dissolve the sugar, then the sauce on the fish that kept separately in the baking dish pour. Coat well with fish sauce and let stand for a while so that adobe. After Adobe for some time, he cooked for about twenty minutes and maintaining the temperature at 350 degrees..