How to make grilled salmon with delicious salmon marinade | salmon recipes | how to cook salmon

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Looking for a delicious way to cook salmon for tonights dinner? See how to make a lovely marinade and grill your salmon to perfection for a quick and easy dish that you will love!

You can use this delicious marinade for both baked salmon or grilled salmon depending on which salmon recipes you prefer. Learning how to cook fish is very straight forward and can be mastered in a single session so be sure to follow the simple steps in this video.

Smoked salmon is also a delicious meal as well as baked or grilled salman recipes. More delicious salmon recipes can be found at:

Learning how to cook salmon is basically the same as cooking any fish but flavours may differ depending on the particular type of fish. Sometimes it is fun to try different cooking styles to see which you prefer for each individual fish type ie; cooking salmon in an oven my taste better than cooking salmon in a frying pan.

Other popular salmon marinades include lemon, soy sauce, corriander, ginger, garlic, honey, chillis, red onions and limes. You can expeiment with anything that you might think is a good matching flavour for the salmon steaks.

Simple salmon recipes such as honey glazed salmon or smoked salmon apetizers are very popular in the United States of America. Popular side dishes for salmon include rice, beans, carrots, parsely, pesto, asparagus, cus cus, potatoes, lettuce and other vegetables.

How to make grilled salmon with delicious salmon marinade