Smoked Salmon Recipe – How To Smoke Salmon In A Masterbuilt Smoker

This Smoked Salmon Recipe was made using my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. I have quite a few smokers, but I have to say that the Masterbuilt Smoker was the best option for this Smoked Salmon. It provided a nice slow and steady temperature as well as a mild smoke flavor that wasn’t overpowering. The inspiration for this recipe was a Norwegian Salmon Recipe called Gravlax. While Gravlax is dry cured for 2 days, and eaten raw, I took all of the elements from that Recipe, shortened the cure time and Smoked it.
I wanted this Smoked Salmon to still have some moisture, so I only smoked it for a little over an hour at 175 to 180 degrees. The texture was between a traditional Baked Salmon and a Salmon that has Smoked low for hours. In my opinion, the best of both worlds.

The ingredients I used for this Smoked Salmon Recipe:
* 55% Salt
* 45% sugar
(traditionally the ratio would be reversed but I didn’t want a sweet
* White Pepper to taste
* Enough dill to completely cover
* I used honey whiskey, but any brandy, bourbon or similar beverage
would work)
* Enough lemon slices to place underneath the Salmon
* I used pecan wood in the Masterbuilt Smoker (any wood would

This recipe was inspired by Elton’s BBQ Pit. Check him out here:

How To Smoke Salmon in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
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