Sous vide salmon recipe (Stove top method)

Sous vide salmon recipe (Stove top method)
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I heard so much about how amazing steak & seafood taste like using sous vide method, I am seriously considering buying a sous vide machine in the near future.
This video is perfect for those of you who have the same idea as me, like to do taste test first before investment.
I can say I am really impressed by the taste, my family love it so much, it´s so easy to make and super healthy way of cooking too!
You have to try this yourself to judge really, it´s very individual, it´s either you like it or not. Being a health freak myself, it´s a 8/10 score.
I love the evenness cooking texture, I must try this on steak sometime!
Anyway, here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

How to make sous vide salmon
1. Vacuum pack the fish, preferably one fish in individual pack. If you do not have a vacuum machine, use straw to suck out air.
2. You may like to season the fish before you seal the bag. See recommendations from video.
3. Prepare water bath
Using the improvised stovetop method or sous vide equipment of your choice, heat a water bath to 53 degree °C.
Salmon cooked to 53°C will be tender and flaky. If you like your salmon cooked more increase temperature to 57 degree C.
Keep an eye on the temperature, add water if the temp rise or adjust the stove setting.
When the fish reached it´s desired temp, turn off stove & let the fish soak for additional 20-30 mints.
Remove fish & chilled it. If you like a seared finish, use a kitchen torch to brown the surface, do not overdo it!
Service fish with raspberries balsamic vinegar & smashed potato.
Add salt before eating.