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Get this zesty salmon recipe and more grilling and smoking ideas here: http://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/seafood/sweet-mandarin-salmon.

Our sweet mandarin salmon recipe features tangy Traeger Mandarin Glaze with a hint of fresh lime juice and seasonings. Get the full recipe here: [http://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/seafood/sweet-mandarin-salmon]

Get your marinade going by mixing Traeger Mandarin Glaze sauce [http://www.traegergrills.com/shop/sauces/mandarin-glaze.html], lime juice, sesame oil, soy sauce, cilantro and fresh cracked black pepper. Cut the salmon into 4 fillets. Brush with glaze and place directly on the grill grate, skin side down. Cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees F (about 15-20 minutes). Half way through cook time, brush salmon again with the glaze to ensure maximum delicious surface area coverage. Remove the salmon from the grill, serve and enjoy!

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