Seafood recipe: Seafood with Eggplants (海鮮茄子煲: Hai-Xian Qie-Zi Bao)

Do you know what is claypot(dish)? Have you ever tried this kind of dish in Chinese restaurants?
I’m making a popular Chinese claypot-dish today – Seafood with Eggplants!
If you don’t have a clay pot, just use whatever you have!!

What you need:
1. Shrimp 6 pieces
2. Clams 100g
3. Squid 100g
4. Eggplants 2 pieces
5. Capsicum
6. Spring onion 1 piece
7. Seafood sauce / Oyster sauce 2 tbsp (Amazon affiliate)
8. Soy paste 2 tbsp
9. White pepper 1 tsp
10. Shaoxing wine 1 tbsp (Amazon affiliate)

If you like seafood or eggplants, you must make this one!
Get all the ingredients and let’s rock it!!

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