Spicy Jumbo Stuffed shrimp – Shrimp recipe

This Stuffed Shrimp Recipe is absolutely delicious and makes for a great presentation. While my stuffed shrimp recipe is spicy, you can tone the heat down by adding red and or green peppers in place of the habanero and jalapeno peppers. The marinade that I used is a perfect marinade if you are just looking to grill, or oven bake shrimp. I would highly suggest using the biggest shrimp you can find for this recipe. I used 13/15 count shrimp in this recipe. This cooking technique would be great using your favorite fish as well, so don’t feel limited to just using shrimp.

Stuffed Shrimp Ingredients:
*Shrimp (The bigger the better) I used 13/15 count
*Diced red onions (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Diced Jalapeno Peppers (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Diced Habano Peppers
*Rough Chopped Cilantro (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Minced Garlic (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Olive oil (Some for marinade and some for stuffing)
*Lime Juice (Some for marinade and some for stuffing)
*Bread Crunbs (I used Panko)
*Mayonnaise (For Stuffing)
*Dijon Mustard (For Stuffing)
*Egg (For Stuffing)
*Seasoning of your choice

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