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Tilapia Recipe: How to Make Herb Crusted Tilapia Fillet Recipe: Tilapia with Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce: Aioli Sauce: Parmesan Crusted Tilapia: Recipes @ http://www.DishinWithDi.com Easy fish recipes, that come together fast are perfect for light dinners, especially on weeknights. My Parmesan crusted tilapia recipe or herb crusted tilapia recipe, baked in the oven, makes for a healthy fish dinner, that is both crispy and flavorful. Tilapia is a nice light fish, that can be prepared a number ways. I like this quick tilapia recipe with lemon and herbs, Parmesan cheese and with panko breadcrumbs, along with the Italian bread crumbs, for extra flavor. It’s sort of an Italian fish recipe! Tilapia breaded without using eggs, and baked in the oven instead of frying in a pan, makes this dish a healthier choice. I love fried fish, but it can be messy and leave the house with unpleasant odors for days! Cooking oven fried fish or even oven fried chicken, gives you that crispness, without the clean up or nasty lingering odors. I do have a Parmesan crusted chicken recipe, which you may like. The chicken is broiled, quite easy to prepare and delicious! (link below) I’ll have to share my fried chicken recipe, which is pan fried and oven fried! Soo good! Fish recipes are great all year-long. During the summer grilled tilapia for fish tacos is delish! I also make an easy pan seared tilapia recipe, with lemon butter sauce. The tilapia is dusted with flour, without eggs and cooked in a pan, on the stove in a small amount of oil. It’s not nearly as messy as breaded fish fillets or deep fried fish. Try this Parmesan Herb Crusted Tilapia with lemon garlic aioli sauce. The tilapia with cream sauce is really flavorful and I punched it up a bit and added horseradish, so it’s even more tasty. I use the aioli sauce on my chicken broccoli parmesan fritters recipe too, so check that out! (link below) I serve these baked tilapia fillets with rice. I make Lemon Rice and Peas (link below), which is a simple recipe. Tilapia served with the lemony rice and sweet peas is just the perfect easy side dish. You have to try it! It goes well with most seafood recipes and chicken too. Soon I’ll share more shellfish/fish recipes! Tilapia is one of my favorites, but I also make a delish baked flounder recipe, pan seared salmon recipe, shrimp scampi recipe (my hub’s recipe), pan seared scallops recipe, seared halibut recipe, just to name a few! All perfect Lent recipes too, but great anytime! So get in the kitchen and learn how to make the best tilapia recipe!

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