How to cook Steamed Red Tilapia recipe ,easy cooking for everyone

Today I’m gonna show you how to cook steamed Red tilapia easily.Recipe so simple that anyone can make do it  .

You’re gonna need to prepare:
Red Tilapia x1
Garlic x1
Ginger x1
Seasoning x2 tsp
Red Onion x3
Red bell pepper x1
Start !!
-Crush the red onions.
-peel the garlic, And crush them
– Cut the ginger into slices, And crush them
-Cut the scallion
– Cut the bell pepper , take away the seeds, then cut into long slices
-Cut 3 lines on both sides of the fish, marinate the fish with ginger,red onion, garlic, 1x tbsp of fish sauce, 1x tsp of pepper. Do the same for both sides then mix them up. Put the spicies inside the fish and where we cut the fish earlier,too.
-Put a disk onto the Steamer. Then put some scallion and ginger on the disk, Then put the fish on. add some Scallion and Ginger on the fish, add the bell pepper on top.
– add 200-300ml of water into the pot. then put the fish in. Steam it for 15-20 mins. You can add 1-2 tbsp of fish sauce while steaming to make the fish has even better flavour.
That’s it and you are ready to cook easy making Steamed Red Tilapia.
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