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Here is the only vegan hack you need in your life. How to trick your friends into eating vegan with vegan food you actually want to eat!

Who says you have to give up your insatiable need for comfort food just because you want to eat better for yourself, animals and the planet? Enter: The Edgy Veg, created by Candice Hutchings and her husband James Aita who are on a journey to revolutionize vegan food as we know it.

Tired of a traditional plant-based diet that just felt frankly #sad, Candice started veganizing childhood cravings, fast food faves and food-nerd obsessions. Think more UnOrthodox Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels, Cobb Your Enthusiasm Salad, Buffalo Cauliflower Wings 7 Ways, Easy Cheesy Fondue, Chick Fillet Deluxe and Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream than zucchini noodles, hummus, smoothie bowls and #cleaneating (fear not, there is a token kale salad.) No food is off limits and everything in the book has received their signature carnivore stamp of approval.

With 138 recipes that take vegan cooking to the next level, tips and tricks for eating like an Edgy Veg, and more dad jokes than you can count, say hello to a vegan cookbook you — and your tastebuds — can feel good about. It’s time to put down that spiralizer and get ready to have your cake, burger and fries, and eat them too!

chapters include:
The Essentials: Our version of the tools of the trade! This section breaks down our favourite meat and dairy replacements, kitchen gadgets, and offers extensive advice on how to stock a vegan kitchen and pantry.

#Basic(s): These are all your base recipes. Many of our recipes include homemade vegan substitutes, sauces and doughs– this where you’ll find them.

Brunch: The Hangover Story: Brunch is my favourite meal of the week. Sadly, it’s tough to pull off in the vegan world- that’s why James and I host brunch at our place every weekend! Highlight recipes include: Veggs Benny, Unorthodox Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels and Shakshuka Habibi.

Munchies: The name speaks for itself here. These are your snacks and apps for when those late night munchies creep up on you. Highlight recipes include: Doses of Samosas, Buffalo Cauliflower Wings and a Terrine to Remember.

Souper-Natural: Is there anything cozier than a good soup? We adore soup in this home, and I wanted to share my favourite go-to soup recipes so you can cozy up with them as well! Highlight recipes include: #SweaterWeather Pumpkin Sage Soup, Flawless French Onion Soup and What the Pho.

Not-Boring Salads: Let’s face it, salad can be boring. So we came up with some that you can actually make friends with! Highlight recipes include: Cobb Your Enthusiasm, Deconstructed Pizza and The Token Kale Salad

On The Side: Every good main needs a strong accompaniment. These side dishes are a fun twist on the traditional, but are anything but boring. Highlight recipes include: Brussel Sprouts That Don’t Suck, Edgy Roasted Veg and Potatoes Served in The French Manner

The Main Squeeze: Ah yes, the “meat” of our book. This chapter has more mains than you can count. These are our all-time favourite recipes. Some of these are veganized versions of family favourites, along with fast food copycat recipes and comfort food classics. Get to know our Half-Baked Mac & Cheese, Street Food-Style Thai Basil Beef and Perfectly Pleasing Pesto Pizza. Dinner will never be the same, I promise.

Thirsty Girl: We all get a little bit thirsty from time to time, luckily i’ve got you covered with smoothies, juices and cocktails! Highlight recipes include: The Healthy Cocktail Mix, Grade Eh Caesar and Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie.

Sweet Endings… or Beginnings, We Don’t Judge: When it comes to dessert I have a few go-to’s. Since my baking fails are well documented it should come to no surprise that this section has minimal baking and tons of ice cream. Highlight recipes include: Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream, Death by Chocolate Mousse and Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We’re The Edgy Veg, Candice & James, a couple on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as “vegan”. Instead of salads days in and day out we choose to re-purpose familiar favorites, by recreating childhood cravings for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions with nostalgic fare.

Special thanks to ICON Digital Productions Inc. for awesome production work!

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