Vegan Miso Ramen|味噌らーめん Japanese Vegan Recipe

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I love miso ramen, in particular for dinner on a chilly cold winter day! I have tried a variety of Japanese ramens since I was a small kid.

Since I have started cooking Japanese dishes for vegans, one of my greatest challenge was to develop a vegan ramen recipe whose taste is even better than normal ramens. At first, it wasn’t easy at all to achieve the characteristic strong flavour which many people usually get from pork bones and dried fish dashi. After my continuous trials, I have finally developed this recipe whose taste I believe is even better than normal ramens!

Though I should admit that it’s always a long process to make a ramen by ourselves, however I believe that this recipe is worth trying once in a life!

Miso butter corn ramen is one of the most popular ramens in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. This is because Hokkaido produces the most amount of corn and butter in Japan. If you like, you can add a butter and cayenne pepper on the top at the end.

I hope that you can enjoy the recipe. I look forward to hearing your responses!

Guten Appetit!:)


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250g flower
110ml hot water
1tsp baking powder

*Main soup
2L water
3 onions
3-4 small carrots
2 cut welsh onions
4 mushrooms
3 garlics
3 sliced gingers

3tbsp white miso
3tbsp red miso
1tbsp soy sauce
cayenne pepper

*Base soup
40g peanuts
4tbsp sesame
3tbsp sunflower seeds
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp salt
all cooked vegetables
50ml soy milk

welsh onion
spinach (vegetable you like)
vegan butter (if you like)
nori (if you like)


強力粉 250g

お湯 110ml
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ1

水 2L
たまねぎ 3
小にんじん 3−4
ねぎ 2切れ
きのこ 4
にんにく 3
生姜 3切れ

白味噌 大さじ3
赤味噌 大さじ3
醤油 大さじ1

落花生 40g
ごま 大さじ4
ひまわりの種 大さじ3
ごま油 小さじ1
塩 小さじ1
豆乳 50ml

ほうれん草 (お好みの野菜)
ビーガンバター (お好みで)
のり (お好みで)


Please use as much local, organic and seasonal vegetables as possible in your town! It makes your dish more tasty and better for the environment. I bought all vegetables for this recipe from this farm in Kiel, Germany.

Bioland Hof Großholz:


When I lived in Tokyo, I often went to the organic farm here and harvested vegetables by myself! They also offer some workshops and lectures.

Kamoshida Farm:


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