Koraishutir Kochuri Recipe–Green Peas-Hing Kachori–Motorshutir Kochuri–Bengali Vegetarian Recipe

Koraishutir kochuri is a deep-fried, puffy bread, stuffed with a filling of mildly spiced green peas (or koraishuti!) Making koraishutir kochuri is not difficult, as this recipe will tell you, if you follow each step one at a time. Also known as motorshutir kochuri, this Bengali vegetarian delight is one of the most beloved breakfast, jolkhabar (snack), or biyebari-menu (wedding feast) items. Follow our step-by-step koraishutir kochuri recipe to learn how to make light, puffy, non-greasy kochuris. Serve these hot with aloo dum or cholar dal.

This koraishutir kochuri recipe video takes you through the process of preparing, stuffing, rolling out, and frying the most delicious and flaky koraishutir kochuris you’ve had! As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in a special tip for beginners and an ingenious hack for how you can prepare and store these ahead of time for a party, courtesy of Foodie’s Hut!

Foodie’s Hut koraishutir kochuri recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehGnsllaqHs&t=396s

View the FULL RECIPE at https://bongeats.com/recipe/koraishutir-kochuri/
Chhola’r dal: https://youtu.be/MtcAg-5SeT8?list=PLGX3dcCcJDYxuhUf8Ow_EkAHSzMzjx6i2
Niramish alu’r dom: [coming soon!]

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